HiNounou contributes to the Silver Economy report of Daxue Consulting

HiNounou contributes to the Silver Economy report of Daxue Consulting


HiNounou is pleased to contribute insights to an in-depth report on the Silver Economy in China by Daxue Consulting. HiNounou's expertise in elderly care and healthtech has been gleaned from 12 combined years of R&D in France, China, Canada and US, and a growing commercial presence in China since 2016.


“The silver generation in China are increasingly interested in taking control of their own health and well-being. They are savvy consumers who wish to remain active and independent. This is why it should be our collective mission to empower our seniors with the full potential of digital health technologies operating within a more holistic, human-centric health ecosystem.”  - HiNounou’s CEO & Founder, Charles Bark. 

“There is huge potential for the silver economy in China. Never before has there been more disposable income for people over the age of 60 and the data show a positive outlook for more growth to come.” 
-- HiNounou’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jin Wang. 

“A promising market trend we are watching closely at HiNounou is the growing consumption of healthcare products by China's older generation.” 
-- HiNounou’s Sales & Marketing Developer, Helene Zhu. 

“Significant socio-economic shifts in China are impacting the way we care for our aging population. This means that we must also make adjustments at the national, community and individual level to ensure our citizens receive the best healthcare possible.”
-- HiNounou’s Chief Wellness Officer, Lily You

Read the full report on The Silver Economy in China from Daxue Consulting. Download the report at the end of the article: https://daxueconsulting.com/silver-economy-china-consumption-trends/.