HiNounou Featured in Digital Insurance Agenda's White Paper

HiNounou Featured in Digital Insurance Agenda's White Paper

The Digital Insurance Agenda has published its latest white paper: The Four Post-Covid Trends Insurers Should Tap Into, where HiNounou is featured as an example of innovative tech providers that link insurers to health ecosystems.

According to the white paper, current health systems are not sustainable due to the rapidly aging population and rising healthcare costs. Connected healthcare devices allow healthcare providers as well as health insurers to extend their reach and interactions with patients. Sharing data among all stakeholders, optimal use of this data and remote patient monitoring have the potential to change the way of working entirely, keeping healthcare efficient, affordable, and accessible.

HiNounou leverages all sorts of connected devices, telemedicine solutions and advanced algorithms to improve elderly care at home. By combining self-tracking, data and all sorts of incentives, we help seniors get into healthier habits and prevent chronic diseases. While also decreasing total health care costs across the health ecosystem.


About DIA

DIA is the first global community and conference connecting change agents at insurance companies to fintech leaders. The event features solutions that drive cost efficiency, and boost customer engagement and revenue growth. HiNounou was awarded the Top 1 Prize for Transformative Impact at DIA Munich 2018, out of a few thousand startups coming around the world. 

Please click the link below for the complete white paper: